A downloadable card game



  • 1 deck of 52-54 cards (jokers optional)


Take turns matching cards to remove them from the game and "clear your plate."

Youngest player goes first.


Draw 5 cards each into your hand. This is your "plate". keep it hidden.

Any matches you have may be played immediately.


  1. Draw a card. You may keep the card for yourself or pass it to your opponent.
  2. Match. All matches you have must be played in front of you now. Wildcards (2, jokers) may be held until the end.

Game End

  • If one player has matched all their cards and no longer has a hand, the game ends with them as the winner.
  • When there are no cards left in the deck, the game ends. Whoever had the most matched cards wins.


A match is two cards that are of the same face value (A,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K) but of opposite colors (red, black).

Ex: Red Ace and Black Ace would match, but two Red Aces would not. Likewise a Red 2 and a Black 3 would not match.

Wildcards (2, Joker) may match with any card (even other wildcards). These "matches" are not required to be played, unlike other matches. You may save them until the end, hiding how many cards you really need to eliminate before victory.


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